Growl 12th win

don't mess with Junmen, Jongin ;;

The sad life of an international fan

  • Korean fan: omg I wish I was sitting closer to the stage
  • International fan: the stream was lagging (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Korean fan: Picked up my CD from the store today (◡‿◡✿)
  • International fan: lol paypal verification
  • Korean fan: le opens CD
  • International fan: le checks mail everyday for their cds to come
  • Korean fan: ᄏ ᄏ ᄏ ᄏ oppa 너무 재밌다
  • International fan: are the subs out yet
  • Korean fan: noona or someone younger?
  • International fan: does being 8000km apart bother you or

no no tao. let jongin show you how it’s done.

mr. destiny | do not edit.

mr. destiny | do not edit.

reasons why Luhan was chosen to play the main character:
  1. Kyungsoo is grinning widely
  2. beagle-line is trying hard not to smile
  3. Sehun is taking advantage of the unconscious member
  4. Tao is uninterested
  5. Joonmyun is so scared he’s stepping backwards
  6. Jongin is moving towards Luhan but oh well too slow
  7. Yixing & Minseok are too far away they’re not even visible here

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Chanyeol x IVY Club

43/100: gifs of Kyungsoo || showing off his heart-shaped smile

"you’re my xoxo, l.o.v.e"

baekyeol for ivy club